Our tourist guide training course was one of the first courses provided by our agency in the Basque Country.

With our extensive experience in the field, we are able to provide a course adapted to beginners who wish to acquire the basic knowledge and skills required by this profession.

The job of the tourist guide
Guides are entrusted with varied tasks requiring numerous skills that are both people-related and technical.
As the ambassadors of our region, they need to learn about all of its facets (its geography, history, culture and gastronomy) in order to share their knowledge with enthusiasm.
A guide must have a highly-developed sense of diplomacy, pedagogy and endurance; he or she must not only be resourceful and patient, but must also have a thirst for knowledge..

Training course objectives
The aim of the course is to give each trainee the possibility of acquiring basic knowledge and learning the tools of the trade so that they are then able to handle in-the-field situations by understanding how and where to look for information related to guiding.

Training procedures
A guide should not only have good cultural knowledge and interpersonal skills but should also develop a capacity for adaptation and group management.
The course curriculum fully covers all these aspects through the successive study of the geography, local history and regional heritage. The course alternates theoretical lessons with practical in-the-field training. Trainees will also work on individual and team oral presentations of their research and tour preparations.

Assessment during the course
The assessment will be continuous throughout the course in order to consolidate knowledge.

2150.00 € per participant

Accessibility to the course:
The Uliss Agency makes sure the course accessible to a wider audience. Our one-on-one interviews allow us to take note of the specificities of the disability and to determine any adjustments or arrangements to be put in place.

The course takes place once a year, at the beginning of the new year. Our centre has been offering the course since 2002 with a completion rate of 99% and a satisfaction rate of 95%.

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