Originally from Switzerland, Susi AMMANN began her career on the Basque Coast as a tour guide, translator and sworn interpreter. She founded the ULISS AGENCY in 2000 on the occasion of the European Summit of Head of State held in Biarritz. Ever since, Susi AMMANN has continued to develop her business, professionalizing all the hospitality trades in tourism and events on the Basque Coast (conference, interpreters, even staff, guides, etc.). She has also created a training center dedicated to tour guides, foreign languages learning as well as team building and performance for companies.

Virginie BESSIERE studied in the business event sector before joining the ULISS Agency, first as a hostess and then as a team leader. Thanks to her knowledge of the field, her rigor and ability to adapt, she integrated the ULISS team in 2011 as an executive assistant.
Since then, she has been actively involved in the development of the agency’s various activities. Today, Virginie manages the entire workforce, the agency’s the communications as well as the technical and practical implementation of the events.

Amanda DE SAINT MARTIN BEYRIE has worked closely with the ULISS Agency since its creation in 2000. She has participated in its development while overseeing numerous international and political events. Also a translator, interpreter and trainer, Amanda uses her experience and her skills to recruit and coordinate staff on the events. She works for the ULISS training centre on whose behalf she provides language courses and team building trainings for private and public companies.

Julie LAVIE joined the office team in 2021 after attending many events as an event staff for several years for the agency. With a Master’s degree in Marketing, Communication & Events, Julie quickly found her place within the team thanks to her seriousness and her interpersonal skills. Versatile and efficient, she works both in the organization of events and in the logistics in the fields. Thanks to her experience as a team leader in Paris and Biarritz, she supervises now the agency’s staff at various events.