• Improve the quality of reception
  • Performance of a sales team
  • Stress management
  • Conflict management within a team

Our Professional Team Building and Performance method is specifically designed for private and public companies who wish to optimize their team management and performance. ULISS Professional Team Building aims at promoting know-how and self-management skills, in order to improve teamwork efficiency.

There are 4 stages established according to the corporate manager or the department head’s request:

  • Preliminary analysis of the situation
  • Definition, with the manager, of targets to be reached
  • Identification of the means and resources required
  • Development of an action plan and decision-making process

Generally speaking, 4 to 5 sessions each lasting 3 hours are necessary, followed by a last monitoring session.

are varied and can be established in relation to several types of professional difficulties:

  • Identifying sources of dysfunction within a group
  • Resolving communication difficulties between members of the same team
  • Developing strong team cohesion in order to encourage group synergy
  • Ease tensions to improve teamwork

For every problem you may be facing within a department, a team, or a group of employees, we provide the right coaching solution, all with the utmost confidentiality.

520.00 € for half a day training et per participant.

  • The Team Building sessions are scheduled in agreement with the applicant company.

Our Team Building and Performance training has been offered since 2008 and has a satisfaction rate of 100%.

Accessibility to the course:
The Uliss Agency makes sure the course accessible to a wider audience. At the initial contact, we take note of the specificities of the disability and to determine any adjustments or arrangements to be put in place.

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